On-going battle

I am losing the on-going battle against the elements.  Many physical challenges await the intrepid visitor.  Spending most of my time opening, closing windows.  One minute it is stifling, the next, HK Observatory has declared  a rainstorm and/or thunderstorm warning.  Then there is the fresh air verses keeping mosquitoes at bay debate.

The little darlings really love me – new blood, I guess.   Wondering when I will become immuned, as I eyed with envy those in cooling shorts and strappy tops; whilst I am   dressed for the arctic.  No inch of skin is exposed apart from the face, neck and hands.  I have worked out a solution.  I pack  a pair of sexy shortsand barely legal top and in the safety of the MTR (tube) toilet, I do a Kent Clark.  Ingenious or what?  And if I happen to get soaked, I have a change of clothing!


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