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Poem a day Challenge #6 Heart-Shaped

Colours of Love

Life Laundry

Poem a day challenge #5 Voices



for Dee
Beethoven’s unfinished symphony ear of Van Gogh that
fav earring misplaced ne’er found
loss echoes resounds
whirling eddying pebble cast ripples profound
haunting waking sleepless nothing moments
Pain access all areas nil by mouth dulled once
razor sharp spiking drilling for oil soul’s ocean
secret depth buried treasure wreck core what
it means to be human suffering is all how to bear
with dignity hope till last drop wrung universal language
no phrasebook dictionary required tears UN interpreter
Mourn what I had childhood that ne’er was innocence
faith hope trust naivety ignorance is true bliss I envy
gift for head in sand a comforting safe place to
repose cease be
Like the days magical eagle soaring woman I was
aspired crispy Autumn leaves crunching beneath our feet
decaying crumbling merging whence it came moon waning
full crescent half eclipse tide rushing in out so I let go of
myriad loss that unfinished business called


towards the end we lay careful

not to touch and

you said maybe love is not


i thought if love is not


what is


it is

you simply didn’t recognise

mistook it for something else

you were not ready for the gift

one day you may realise

grass is not greener on the other side

what you tastes is diluted


feel a pang of regret


you’ve been a


Kindness of strangers

Memory Lane

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