Poem a day challenge # 1 I Know

I got this idea from the house of bailey, so this first poem is for you.

I know

this volcanic anger

in the bowels of my soul

threatens to erupt


all consuming

acid rain

eating away

bitter like a lemon

locked into battle

neither will let go


I know

it hurts me

sends happiness packing

self imposed cage

the door ajar


I stay

I know

this tsunami of fury

is water off a duck’s back


human emotion

guilt shame regret

I know

you don’t give a damn

i am dead

confined to the tomb labelled ‘past’

the minute you turned your back

full speed ahead

I know

my head tells me so

friends and family echo and confirm

self help books say ‘let go’

‘move on’

‘can’t change the past’

I even advise others so

I know

I know

Yet why is the heart so slow


gripping grasping gasping

can’t forget

certainly not forgive

how can I let him off the hook

as if

it meant nothing at all

have me wiped out

re-write the script

so he shines

I am the bitch

I know I know


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