Poem a day challenge #2 Voice

For my fellow bloggers/ poets
freedom to express
stoke that creative fire burning in us all
be it words images dresses
sculptures pictures ideas heed the call
freedom to voice
reflect share what is deep within
even grim pain uncoils its ugly tendrils
shit can be made beautiful through the power of words
freedom to create
make anew something that never existed
present the world the familiar mundane in a different way
humanity at its best to connect not shut out push away
freedom to be
claim your birthright be the person you were meant to be
choose the path you follow to your own promise land
where you flourish blossom in all your quiet splendour
freedom to wonder
ask the difficult questions why play devil’s advocate
admit you don’t always have the answers you are fallible
but you’d like to keep exploring enquiring learning ponder
freedom to express
have a voice
create be wonder
freedom to be fully human

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