Bye mum
door slams another day
piercing shaft of light
reluctant blue curtains fails to
bad mother useless wife
waste of space
better off dead
Digging deep shoves
security blanket struggles into
semi-sitting position deep breath
left foot out now right
hugs blank walls staring back
destination window locks
scurry back cosy cave
screams screams screams
Don’t know how
solo can’t make it
live sans love
chucked out with trash
no need just rid
Another love song
escape happy ending
startled moving hands
with orange flames
shit quarter to four doesn’t time fly
when you are enjoying yourself
Headless chicken curtains open
post off mat
teeth dress
kettle on toast
dishwasher cats
hi mum
hi baby had a good day at school
you know the usual
so what time did you get up
ten o’clock
are you sure
well alright then noon
so why are you having breakfast now
filling the dishwasher
silent scream
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