They say

they say
c’est la vie live and let live
smart horse never eats same grass
life goes on can’t turn back time
one door closes another opens
end of a chapter and all that
they say
turn over new leaf bury hatchet
offer olive branch wave white flag
just have to get on with it grin and bear it
better to have loved and lost
than never to have loved at all
they say
count your blessings ignorance is bliss
always people worse off
look on bright side of life
no pain no gain keep stiff upper lip
they say
what doesn’t kill you makes you strong
think positive glass half full
nothing is black and white
always two sides grey areas
takes two to tango create destroy
they say
what comes around goes around
sow what you reap
you can lead a horse to water
but you can’t make it drink
can’t make a heart feel something it won’t
they say
Better to give than receive
Not the winning but taking part
suffering builds character truth will out
good triumphs over evil
you get the life you deserve
i say
it’s all bollocks
shit happens life is a bitch suck
sometimes it’s just random bad luck
you are not brave or an inspiration
it could be you and it is you and that is that

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