Poem a day challenge #3 So what is wrong with my love

So what is wrong with my love

you stamp on it

squeezing  fractured heart


pitiful heap on floor

shocked to the core

So what was wrong with me

flaunting  new love

friends and family

added spring to walk

So what she have I don’t

stumbled upon Kindle debut

Poems 4 Ani  £4.99  Amazon

never knew you did

poetry romance


just not with me then

not all those years

So where did  I go wrong

can’t live without her

3 years to woo

petrified she’d reject

name in stars

dreamer and child


frog gets princess

all’s well that ends well

So was I so hard to love

did it mean nothing nothing at all

wiped out incinerated

ashes to ashes dust to dust

taste of rejection a bitter pill

wasteland of a trampled heart

tornado dust storm

oasis mirage  hope out of reach

hindsight beautiful thing

mystic meg crystal ball

gave away love too lightly


undeserving squandered

So what is wrong with my love

not worth a dime

inferior brand

not to your taste

did not reach your soul

taught you importance of emotions

you say thank you slap in face

you shut me out

refused to ‘talk’

mask firmly on

long long lonely years


to stranger infatuation

delusion you reveal hidden self

knock out blow

i concede

So what is wrong with my love



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