Poem a day challenge #5 Voices

Voices in me head so many so myriad
which one will take the director’s chair today

Will it be the anarchist teenager with loads of spunk
the hurting unwanted child the sad middle aged wife
dumped the scolding parent pointing the finger I told
you so not good enough
again see rejected thrown out with the trash or

The adult make a rare guest appearance
oust the wayward teenager hurt child craving
love acceptance scolding gently with kindness time
to stop wallowing now girl self pity does not befit
you you have far more pride dignity

Put your glad rags on smile look a million dollars behold
the breaking dawn the blossoms on the trees the daffodils
with their heads waving smiling feel the warmth of the spring
sunshine caressing the blue sky singing calling it’s time babes

Time to leave the past behind enough tears shed enough pain
loss no ocean of tears no howling wailing tearing of rags will
turn the tide of time give you back that dream the song before
it is sung the happy ending before you pissed the fairy godmother
off so babes let it go let it go let it be your

Life has been waiting in the wings on the sub bench an outsider
queuing patiently longingly lovingly for a starring role camera action
it’s time shine dazzle razzle laugh your heart out sing with abandon
dance your socks off through the darkness till morning comes
scream the pain out if you must but let it go babes it ain’t worth it

Water off a duck’s back is he sitting at home crying mourning
you work it work it girl

It’s time


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