Poem a day challenge#11 Pls pass the salt dear

please pass the salt
btw i dont love you anymore
haven’t for the last three years
i’d like out please
would you like to add anything to the shopping list
i’ll move into the spare room
we can be housemates after all
we have both been good parents
lovely dinner dear
thanks for cooking
what you not very hungry lost your appeitite
well that’s understandable bit of a shock i say
best this way love
you’ll thank me in the end
you see it’s like a balance sheet
what i m getting is a lot less than what i m putting in
don’t go upsetting yourself now
marriages break up all the time
you see when i married you i was too young
i didn’t know what i wanted and went with the flow
no don’t go ripping the wedding photos now
don’t cry we just grew apart
and of course your depressions and tumours didn’t help
to be honest they made my life hell
what you didn’t sign up for them
you couldn’t help being ill no picnic for you either
i am sorry it doesn’t make any difference
now we mention it you are to blame for my business going under too
don’t scream and rant and rave
that’s a good girl
what will the neighbours think
they’ll think i m killing torturing you ha ha
please pass the pepper dear
what’s for dinner tomorrow night
what you haven’t thought that far ahead
don’t worry sweetheart we’ll get a takeaway my treat
you still haven’t passed the salt dear
what is the matter with you
actually the veggies are a bit bland needs spicing up
come to think of it bit like you love you are not much fun anymore

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