You know if you are expecting a baby you start noticing pushchairs in the streets whilst before they seem invisible.  Well now I notice all the mobile challenged like myself hobbling about Soho with walking stick, crutches and wheelchairs.  Strange what your eyes are drawn to now.

Yesterday I limped past the scene of the crime and took pics of the offending uneven surface, it wasn’t obvious on the mobile camera but my left ankle certainly felt it when it broke.  Small fracture according to knee man who can do feet at University College London Hospital.  Yeah easy for you to say mobile doctor.  Asked to see fracture was expecting to see massive crack in bone but no he was right it was so minute I couldn’t see anything.  That’s why he’s the doc with the medical training and hours of sleepless nights as a junior in the hospital.

Stranded in Soho 3 floors up no lift otherwise where is the challenge?  Ever bummed up and down 3 flights clutching pair of crutches and handbag while ankle is screaming and protesting in agony?  Ever used crutches or wheelchaired way round supermarkets terrified of running over shoppers in the frozen vegs aisle and only accessing chair level shelves?

SOS appeal on fb for food delivery to friends failed.  Nobody was available not even the daughter.  Nope places to go, things to do, people to see.  Food?  What is that mum?  You need food?  Yeah food baby, you know, what you need to stay alive.  You know, food. 

Another vivid reminder essentially we are on our own.  No, I lie, the day before a very good and reliable friend answered my mayday and kept me company for the day and brought takeaways and ran errands.  What a star.  But she is off to France today to see her sister so I am still holed up in the Soho pad.

Unexpected blast of Indian Summer has tempted me out of the building.  Planned it meticulously like a military operation.  But sitting outside Shaftesbury Avenue next to Les Miserables at Queens Theatre drinking Merlot half price Happy Hour rules ok I’m a believer with the sun shining blue skies and in a T shirt; nothing beats that, better than sex.  Chocolate.

I have sampled all 4 different wines in the Happy Hour deal.  Rose and Chardonnay out Sauvignan Blanc Merlot rule ok.  Long may they live.  Medicinal purposes you understand.

Met Dubai Rich Youngster yesterday at said Soho Bar with friend/classic car agent (Dutch).  So rich he told me he didn’t need to worry about money.  Green eyed monster reared its ugly head.  I wish.  Wouldnt it be heaven not needing to worry about money.  Not in this lifetime maybe if I am v good the next?

Over 20 classic cars in a warehouse?  Do you drive a different one every day, you know, rotate like concubines in a harem?  Sorry ladies.  No, not really, they are like pieces of art, to be adored, look but don’t touch like beautiful women ( I added the last bit artistic licence ).  OK.  This kid has more money than he knows what to do.  Clearly.  Yep I like beautiful cars but after I’ve seen them yep v nice but then what? 

Faisal requested a cameo role in my blog so now you have been featured.  And Faisal if you ever read this you may be filthy rich but you didn’t offer to buy the invalid who shared her sob story a glass of happy hour half priced wine when she asked if you could get it for her if she gave you the money cos of her broken ankle.  And when you boasted that you two had to go to that exclusive famous restaurant because you had a reservation you did not offer that I join you.  And your car was parked right there.

You may be a filthy rich 24 year old and charming and educated and well brought up, your words not mine but you have yet to learn the art of compassion and generosity.  You know the most giving people in my experience are the poorest the one with the most to lose and the ones who can afford it the least.  Why?  Cos they know what it is like to have nothing.  Chinese saying:  If the needle doesn’t prick you you feel no pain.  Every prick spells agony. 

And here ends the sermon on young rich non-generous men from Dubai with 20 classic cars in a warehouse but did not think to buy a middle age dumped woman who had recurrence a glass of happy hour wine outside a Soho Bar.  Humanity?  Not that I couldn’t afford it but that is not the point, right, Faisal?  Or the Dutch classic car agent who is older and should know better.

On a serious note, I digressed; we take for granted so much.  I for one never gave a thought to being able to get around, until … We don’t appreciate what we have till we lose it.

Really getting off the soapbox now. 


About cho wan yau

Teacher by day poet/writer by night. Words have been my first love and will be my last. As a child I locked myself into the toilet devouring books which transported me to distant lands. Poetry shared penned from 2009-2010 in a titanic struggle to stay sane at Heartbreak Hotel. Please check it out on Any comments or feedback welcome. Why not share your story with me, because we all have one, don't we?

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  1. My wife broke her hip a while ago – before we were married in fact – and I spent sometime pushing her around in a wheelchair. You never see places in the same light again. Even now I notice which shops and café’s would be difficult to get in an out of in a wheelchair. I think it would be good for everyone to spend a few weeks in one and on crutches – then we would all understand better.

  2. Yep you don’t realise how difficult it is to get about we take so much for granted. It is luckily only temporary but for those this is reality forever I can’t imagine the challenges and frustrations.

  3. So, I really enjoy the way you write. It felt like a short story in an anthology.
    Also, good luck with the healing process and getting around. Must be super frustrating.

    • thanx for the compliment and good wishes. super frustrating is not cutting it also excruciating never broken anything in my life except the heart but that’s another story. Chen you chinese dont look chinese dad? My daughter is Eurasian Dutch and Chinese. All the good stuff from her mum but then I’m biased. Keep up the good work i always think doctors are super super clever like from a different species they must have laboratories that breed this super race. Do no harm. Only good and if you meant well and falter don’t beat yourself up too much. I’m adopting you too. You are my third one on blog. No is not an option. G

      ps been to cape town twice beautiful wanted to emigrate but unsettled political sit stopped us. Kruger Park best family hols ever before shit hit the fan with breast cancer 1st time but I won’t bore you. If you want to know more just ask but you’ll regret it. I am a case study all in myself.

      • You sound like you have a very interesting back-story – I’ll have to stalk your blog a little more 😉
        Not Chinese at all, actually – the “chen” in my name is the German suffix denoting the diminutive. So my name just means “little Marie”, basically.

        Thanks for your kind words. So glad you enjoyed Cape Town and Kruger – really lovely places but yeah, a little unsettled at times. If you ever return for another visit let me know!

      • defo will have to wait for healed ankle and replenish empty wallet first but thanks for the invite it’s always good to make new friends what makes life worthwhile i m so glad i didnt end it all when i was clinically depressed i wouldnt have met you and all the other wonderfully gifted and supportive writers in this community

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