Let’s talk religion

Gasp, hands waving madly, no, don’t do it, don’t you know you should never talk religion or politics?  Well you know me I am fearless and while we still have freedom of speech let’s use that right.

First off let me state I respect your faith.  If believing in the existence of God helps you through hard times and gives meaning to life and offers hope for a better one to come, then who am I to spoil the party? 

I was a believer then I wasn’t sure and sat on the fence for a long time and now I am a staunch atheist.  How did this unfortunate transformation take place?  What made me lose my faith and become a cynic?  In one word, Shit.

Let’s be honest here, nobody really knows if there is a God or not.  You may be right or I may be.  Either there is or there isn’t; in this case there are no grey areas.  Is there any scientific evidence that God exists?  Yes the Son of God came down to earth but how do we know he is God and not just a very good and wise man?  Yes the Bible tells us of the resurrection and miracles performed but how do we know that they actually happened and in the way described?

How do we explain away evolution which does have scientific backing?  If God is omnipotent why does he need worshippers to go sing hymns of how wonderful He is.  When Christians credit going through really tough times to God or saying Grace before every meal I find it an odd concept because surely it is you who have had to dig deep to survive.  What has God to do with it, how exactly did He help you?  You can say your faith gave you courage and strength otherwise you would have fallen to pieces and had a breakdown.  But it is a bit like the chicken and egg thing, in my humble opinion.

The allure of free food on Christmas Day persuaded me to attend a Christian gathering in a restaurant in a nice part of town.  But there is no such thing as a free lunch, in exchange I had to sit through an hour of sermons, hymns and listening to the choir.  One of the speakers, apparently this Church doesn’t have pastors with theological training only amateur enthusiasts was epousing a flawed argument that if we find something good we would want to share it with our loved ones and therefore we should spread the Word.  Why is this premise flawed?  Just because you believe something is good doesn’t make it so.  Nazis and the Holocaust?  I am sure Hitler believed in his cause.  Suicide bombers?  Forced arranged marriages? Cults?

What prompted this post?  I guess since it is Christmas I have been inundated with friends who keep saying thanks to God my life is good, thanks to God I rememembered just in time that I had left the gas stove on …  Your life is good partly because of luck but I suspect it is down to your being born in a middle class family that could afford to send you abroad to university and your own hard work and intelligence. 

If I have offended I offer no apologies, you are entitled to your faith and beliefs and I to my opinions.






About cho wan yau

Teacher by day poet/writer by night. Words have been my first love and will be my last. As a child I locked myself into the toilet devouring books which transported me to distant lands. Poetry shared penned from 2009-2010 in a titanic struggle to stay sane at Heartbreak Hotel. Please check it out on chowanyau@wordpress.com. Any comments or feedback welcome. Why not share your story with me, because we all have one, don't we?

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  1. Dear Cho,

    I would like to start off by saying, thank you for this article that you have written, with your ideas and experiences.

    Secondly, I would like to have a friendly discussion about this article with you. We here (my co-writers and I) at NAME are just like you, we respect others and their spiritual / religious identity. We understand that it is a sacred, traditional ritual that plays a high part of their daily functioning activity – similar to computers starting up, they operate in their own way of functioning, so do us humans in our own quirks and perks as well. So we see the religions of this planet just as important as the next (who are we to say that Windows is the best computer over mac – example).

    You mention in your article, that no one really knows if there is a god or not. I can see that opinion, but when you look around beyond Earth, into our solar system, then you look beyond our solar system, into the realm of our galaxy, and then into that vast space that cradles billions and billions of other galaxies, you must ask yourself, where did these galaxies come from?

    There must a Creator behind these other cosmic existences, right?

    Stepping outside of the labeling criteria of religions (because I feel that they all share the common belief OF a supreme creator – god, jah, allah, yahweh, etc.) when we look at the solar system, and the Milky Way galaxy, we are all apart of this divine existence that floats and twirls inside of the universe. Each Religion is praising this identity that created this realm, this single galaxy that is floating and twirling among the other millions of galaxies, THAT we earth humans we never get the chance to explore, but they could also be harboring life forms and civilizations as well.

    This immediate solar system is all that we know of, physically. For trial and error experimentation of our land, resources, and innovative imagination. Why is it that the grass the green, all over the world? Why is it that the sky is blue, all over the world? I agree with you, scientist are just like the magician assistants to the Creator – they aid in our understand in just how this supreme being operates and functions.

    Look at Nikoli Tesla, and all of his works. Prime example of looking at the building blocks of the Creator’s physical realm (Earth) to better help us understand our environment on this planet. I also feel that science and religion could be a helping hand, but I also see the many backlashes and what not that have been tied into the topic, but if interested, I could share.

    This part 1 of ideas in response to your article,.
    thank you for sharing.

    – MJ

    • thank you for sharing your thoughts in such detail but i humbly beg to disagree that the wonders of the universe necessarily prove a creator must exist . would a jury of neutrals find this is proven beyond reasonable doubt i’m not so confident

  2. Ok, think about this – Steve Jobs, the pioneer of Apple. He was chief operator in the idea of Apple. Now to Earth, something had to begin our universe in order for Earth to be here, right?

    Back to Apple, think of your mac book and the ipad, this is the evolution of that company’s Creation, in which we are apart of today.

    Back to Earth, as we continue the cycle of laps around this solar system, we are evolving in the exact same manner, except with higher operations at work, look at our society, our fellow humans, the knowledge that humans have acquired over time.

    A mutual Creator (of all of this existence, planetary and cosmically) is responsible for this.

  3. Dearest Cho Wan Yau – you are lovely! Say your piece, get clobbered. Reply politely and get clobbered yet again. Please keep writing. I for one will keep reading (just read your other piece about “nice people”. YAY!! 🙂

  4. Ah how do you know? Did God appear to you in the flesh and tell you this? Prove to me that He exists in the first place and not just in your mind. Proof as in Show Me God, produce the evidence.

    You obviously work in IT or am an enthusiast and love your Apple mac but I fail to see how Steve Job strengthens your argument that there must be a Creator.

    I think we shall just have to graciously agree to disagree, neither of us are going to budge and you know life is too short to go round and round in circles.

  5. Dear Cho,

    – C: “Ah how do you know?”
    – M: I observe, I look at patterns that have unfolded within nature and the human condition, in the ways of inventions, innovations, and teachings. We humans are a bright species, no matter the race, region, religion – everyONE has been destined to be on this planet, at this time, at this moment, right now. Just like flowers in the spring. It is the sheer force of some “physical external” existence that is in control of this tiny island planet inside of this Milky Way.

    – C: “Did God appear to you in the flesh and tell you this?”
    – M: Well, this could depend on the definition of what a ‘god’ is, right? If you, Cho, owned your own ant farm, inside of this glass sphere, and you control when they ate, had water, “cleaned” the tank, moved things around inside of their world, all while watching and observing select situations and events through whatever ant-like devices and tools that they use today, such as our human means of communication – would you be the god over this ant civilization? – I say that to say this, “no” no fleshly meet and greet, BUT, I am quite sure that humans of this culture, worldwide, have the knowledge and mental intellect to have that man-made expertise of an Earthling god.

    (By the way, a question for you, What about the other gods? Do you see them as meaningful and just as respected all the same?)

    – C: “Prove to me that He exists in the first place and not just in your mind.”
    – M: “It is both, and.” I have a weird, hard-wired relationship with the Creator – a spiritual connection, of course. One that allowed me to be on this planet, to break away from some of the common molds of man-made society, and into a realm that was never “thought” about before.

    We, Earthlings, imitate this Creator. We use tools, facts, knowledge, resources, bring them together, to create products, solutions, and new markets. The Creator, uses billions of tactics for innovation, from the tiniest organisms, to the largest segments, everyday, to RULE this tiny grain we call Earth inside of the Milky Way. Without our mind, would we even know what This reality is? Could we even fathom the possibilities of what this planet is, who designed it, who is control of the sunlight, the cycles and continuous relay around it while on Earth?

    Maybe, since we do live by the information of the Creator, everything that is within the planet’s physical existence, this is the home of the mind.

    • My name is Cho Wan and not Cho.

      Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to convince me of the error of my ways, yet again.
      However, I regret to inform you that it has been time and effort wasted.

      If smartypants Creator is so inventive and everything in nature is in perfect order and all systems go, why is this world and Earthlings so fucked up? Excuse the language and I very rarely swear but no other words would suffice.

      And you are not allowed to revamp the weary trump cards of Original Sin and Freewill, as all Christians do, as a kneejerk reaction. If He is omniscient he would have forseen Original Sin and gone back to the drawing board to eliminate it.

      He is God for goodness sake, He can do anything!

      Ok He screwed up so He blamed it on his creatures and came up with plan b, I know, I’ll just send my Son and hey presto eternal salvation, wer can still salvage the situation.

      If God is such a genius why hasn’t He figured a way to stop the suffering and evil happening as I type, every millisecond of every day, no public holidays, no day off, zilch? Surely He has enough time to fix it by now. Dinoaurs have come and gone.

      Time to send in another flood? Send another Son? Plan c? If He was the manager of a football club in UK he’d be long gone by now. His players shooting own goal all the time. Not my fault, I can’t control their legs and where they kick can I?

      Is nobody accountable these days from world leaders to God Himself?

  6. @ paulf – No one is “clobbering” anyone. I do believe we are having a discussion, sir.

    • He is just being a gentleman defending the weaker fairer sex and it is just a figure of speech. Chill. It is awfully sweet but this lady is more than adequately equip to ‘fight’ her own battles, intellectually, of course.

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