Significant Moments

As some parts of the world have already begun 2014 and others still waiting, I am wondering why we attribute significance to a certain arbitarary moment and not every instant of our lives.  Arbitrary because how time is perceived is manmade; I mean for the Chinese, our new year doesn’t begin till late January or early February depending on when the full moon falls.  That’s why we have two birthdays and we are all automatically a year older on Chinese New Year’s Day.

Perhaps I am getting old and just becoming a grumpy party pooper but I hate these public forced designated moments when we should celebrate and be jolly even if we don’t feel that way.  It is Christmas, you are supposed to be round the Christmas tree with family opening presents and getting stuck into the turkey and trimmings and having a jolly old knees up and a whale of time bathing in love and bliss.  An acquaintance on fb posted something about it is not the presents under the tree that count but the people around it.  I commented, ‘What if there is no tree and no people?’  Not cynical, in my case that was true.  She totally missed the point and berated me for being so negative and cynical by responding with, ‘What if tomorrow never comes?’  Well, actually, that may not be a bad thing.  Then nobody needs to worry anymore, about anything, especially trees and people.

I have my own significant moments both euphoric and devastating, joyful and terrifying, optimistic and hopeless.  When these moments happened they were not marked down on the calendar, anticipated eagerly or otherwise, they just came to pass.  I suppose I wouldn’t be the person I am now and having finally come to a place of acceptance of me warts and all, however unconventional, however difficult at times insisting on my principles and perspective, I like me. 

I am trying very hard not to define myself by my past.  I believe we are more than the sum of our parts.  It’s time to put on a new coat and see where the new year takes us.  Who knows 2014 could be the turning point of my life, where good things happen and life calms down without any crazy dramas, betrayal, broken ankle, death and loss.

Have a good one.  Mama G. Over and out.



About cho wan yau

Teacher by day poet/writer by night. Words have been my first love and will be my last. As a child I locked myself into the toilet devouring books which transported me to distant lands. Poetry shared penned from 2009-2010 in a titanic struggle to stay sane at Heartbreak Hotel. Please check it out on Any comments or feedback welcome. Why not share your story with me, because we all have one, don't we?

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  1. Happy New Year to you, Mama G. Will talk to you via email soon. 🙂

  2. Happy New Tear Deborah hope it gets easier or you get stronger or both

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