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Poem a day challenge#14 finale

Bow out not to standing ovation Mexican
wave one hand clapping mine grim darkness no
spotlight following illuminating hate endings good
byes slip away unnoticed eerie hollow echoing
silence sad hurting sabotage what I am best at
crush what’s good fear love unworthy strange
phenomenon must acclimatise lack oxygen on
mountain top shit parents crap childhood don’t
cut it broken record even i am bored so hands
up screwed up me me alone all by myself no
accomplice accessory to crime I bear full
responsibility consequence yes I plead quilty
your honour the loss missing you hole in heart
but know cannot unwind rewind unsay undo
delete what is done is done work in progress
have long way to go but gotta start somewhere
somehow bow out to lights fading empty
stage sole shadow curtains
fall the finale

ignorance is bliss

D is for dangerous
dare delirious dogged
double dare knowledge is
power in this case ignorance
is bliss cos now i know you are
out there with your blue grey eyes
boyish grin soft blond mop of hair way
with words how you wield the camera iphone
like a time capsule capturing our moments love
affair and apart i miss you like hell D is for daft delicious


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