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Missing in Action

‘For whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee’  John Donne

Please I would like to report my husband missing

ok madam how long has he been missing

For 48 hours

any mental illness, depressed recently


sure you didn’t have a big row and he just took off

Well yes we did argue but you don’t understand officer

He would never do that to me

I’m in the middle of my chemo

Something terrible must have happened

Officer looks at me with pity

right could you please just fill this form

Officer officer any news

madam it’s only been half an hour

i assure you if there is any news

we’ll let you know straight away

now try not to worry

Thank you you’ve been most kind

No call ever came

Missing in Action he must be

He loves me so

Would never leave me be

©2013 Cho Wan Yau

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