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Poem a day challenge #16 Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall

    who’s the saddest of us all

Mirror mirror on the wall

whose reflection


blank stare

dead eyes

corpse like

     hint of familiarity 


Mirror mirror on the wall

who’s the loneliest of us all

Different kinda pain

for me on this my 21st wedding anniversary

(thanks go to Andrew Urquhart, fellow blogger for suggesting the title)


feeling kinda blue wanna

     drown in the ocean of forgetfulness

resolutely slam that door full

speed ahead to infinity and



how come you can wave the

‘past’ goodbye with such

abandon glee no trace of

sadness sprinting  to embrace



Did it mean nothing to you

marriage me us our

love i was there for the

duration good bad ugly



Different kinda pain 

sixth year alone cross your

mind that summer’s day the

     eighth of eighth month



This time tears all

cried out no searing paralysing

jab just dull lingering ache

hunkers down to fight another



I will remember our happy 

union till last breath not

relegate to just another

day for it meant the world to



Different kinda pain


Someone you once knew

It’s me, someone you once knew.  What you don’t recognise me, surely not.  We shared the same bed for 2o years and had a kid together.  I was the free maid who cooked, cleaned and did your laundry.  No, no inkling?

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