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From the mouth of babes

I don’t know how we got onto the topic of mums but A came out with the wisest and most mature of comforting words which took my breath away, considering she’d just turned six.  I told her my mum had just passed away and that was why I’d been away so long and tears were threatening to stream down my cheeks.  She looked me in the eye and said, ‘Don’t be sad, it is all part of nature, when you die your daughter will cry too.’  Wow.  The kid is too young to have encountered the death of a close family member, so where that philosophical acceptance of the cycle of life comes from is a mystery.

Sometimes truth and wisdom come out of the mouths of babes with such clarity and purity that they speak directly to your heart.

Every time i say goodbye

Every time i say goodbye i die a little

same ritual we embrace on platform 3b

whisper words of love you embark

with your bags graphics folder


to where i am not

to your life and

my heart breaks a little

yet i smile wave

for i don’t want to make it harder baby

so i put on my brave mum face

and i make the long way home

with less bounce back to my room

in a shared house wondering why

you and i have to always say goodbye cos

every time i die a little

Quelque chose belle

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