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What other men said

Life, Love & Pain

Life, Love & Pain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It struck me that I am obsessed with what hurtful destructive things my ex said and thereby keeping the fire of pain burning and thus the inspiration for this post.

You are beautiful

I want to see you laugh not cry

I don’t want to hurt you

I admire your strength, ability to get off the floor and begin anew

I can’t wait to show you off to my friends

I love it that we can talk about anything

You are a good woman

You are very attractive

You are still young and beautiful

I don’t deserve your love

I can’t give you what you want it is best to be honest from the start

I’m ending it to protect you from hurt I don’t want to be the one to inflict more pain

I care about you a lot I want to protect you

I love hearing you laugh

I want to see you happy

I don’t want to promise what I can’t do being faithful is an alien concept

I don’t want to lie lead you on and you hate me and we can’t even be friends

Although some are said ending the brief relationship at least he is being honest and shows respect and genuine love.  Love shouldn’t hurt.  If you care about someone you want to protect, see her happy; you certainly shouldn’t be the one inflicting the pain or causing the damage.

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