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Let’s talk religion

Gasp, hands waving madly, no, don’t do it, don’t you know you should never talk religion or politics?  Well you know me I am fearless and while we still have freedom of speech let’s use that right.

First off let me state I respect your faith.  If believing in the existence of God helps you through hard times and gives meaning to life and offers hope for a better one to come, then who am I to spoil the party? 

I was a believer then I wasn’t sure and sat on the fence for a long time and now I am a staunch atheist.  How did this unfortunate transformation take place?  What made me lose my faith and become a cynic?  In one word, Shit.

Let’s be honest here, nobody really knows if there is a God or not.  You may be right or I may be.  Either there is or there isn’t; in this case there are no grey areas.  Is there any scientific evidence that God exists?  Yes the Son of God came down to earth but how do we know he is God and not just a very good and wise man?  Yes the Bible tells us of the resurrection and miracles performed but how do we know that they actually happened and in the way described?

How do we explain away evolution which does have scientific backing?  If God is omnipotent why does he need worshippers to go sing hymns of how wonderful He is.  When Christians credit going through really tough times to God or saying Grace before every meal I find it an odd concept because surely it is you who have had to dig deep to survive.  What has God to do with it, how exactly did He help you?  You can say your faith gave you courage and strength otherwise you would have fallen to pieces and had a breakdown.  But it is a bit like the chicken and egg thing, in my humble opinion.

The allure of free food on Christmas Day persuaded me to attend a Christian gathering in a restaurant in a nice part of town.  But there is no such thing as a free lunch, in exchange I had to sit through an hour of sermons, hymns and listening to the choir.  One of the speakers, apparently this Church doesn’t have pastors with theological training only amateur enthusiasts was epousing a flawed argument that if we find something good we would want to share it with our loved ones and therefore we should spread the Word.  Why is this premise flawed?  Just because you believe something is good doesn’t make it so.  Nazis and the Holocaust?  I am sure Hitler believed in his cause.  Suicide bombers?  Forced arranged marriages? Cults?

What prompted this post?  I guess since it is Christmas I have been inundated with friends who keep saying thanks to God my life is good, thanks to God I rememembered just in time that I had left the gas stove on …  Your life is good partly because of luck but I suspect it is down to your being born in a middle class family that could afford to send you abroad to university and your own hard work and intelligence. 

If I have offended I offer no apologies, you are entitled to your faith and beliefs and I to my opinions.





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