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Is there?

This morning I am wondering if there is someone out there for me and I simply haven’t met him yet?  You know the song?  If so I wonder what he looks like, who he is and what make him get out of bed every morning?  How will we meet and what will be our story?  Would it be a happy ending and we’ll keep each other company till the end of our days?  Yes I am still a diehard romantic. 

Lot of people have told me not to give up on Love just yet.  The cynical me doubt very much I’ll find Love again.  Trust issues seem to get in the way and no candidates have appeared on the horizon as yet.  Nobody has shown an interest whether suitable or not.  So maybe all this is just academic.  Maybe they lied, again, perhaps there isn’t somebody for everybody out there.  Just maybe the Gods have decreed that I live out the rest of my days alone, me and Cleo, best friends forever.

What do you think?

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