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perfection (2)

a million pieces
beauty in flawed humanity
perfection in our very faults
that crooked half smile
     a million pieces
     none fit
     perfection resides not in tomorrow
     futile being good
          a million pieces
          tear streaked
          perfection in that fissure
          not having the answer
a million pieces
you are whole
perfection is your flawed beauty
you just don’t know it

staying alive

Take a deep breath 
in out in out in out
Keep walking
one foot in front of the other
Put the kettle on
have a cup of tea
Get out of bed
brush your teeth shower
You are not living
just existing but that’s alright
Staying alive
is what it is all about

Le silence

Apologies to French bloggers for mistakes.  I would welcome corrections; just fancied trying one out in a foreign language.

Fort comme du vent menacer
de faire la destruction totale
si on ne garde pas le silence
Pas parler la vérité
sentir du tout
continuez comme toujours
Le silence blanc
comme la neige froide
dans la noire

Poem a day challenge#9 Healed

You know you are healed when

a day passes and ‘he’ never crossed your

mind even you are bored of hearing

your ‘story’ and you realise how loved that friends

family haven’t gone for your throat the trillionth

time how they must have been screaming

inside when you stop to look at the butterflies

fluttering above petals when you feel like


swaying to the beat don’t care what you


no matter how fat when

tears stop flowing at the slightest

unexpected act of kindness when


don’t care what others think just

those you care about when you begin

to ‘love’ yourself some would call it

selfish I call it taking care of your needs

putting yourself first for a change when

you laugh from deep within notice the sky

blue birdsong hear the roar of the ocean

soothing your soul see the finish line flapping


under the noon sun almost there babe,

few more baby steps and we touch

happiness release this broken

stray soaring heights


free at last

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