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The world according to G.

to my 21 year old self

Self esteem

You are ok.  Never doubt that.

It’ them not you.

Stop beating yourself up.

Let yourself off the hook.

So you screwed up, who hasn’t?

You are your own best friend, with you from beginning to end.

Trust your instinct, nobody knows you better than yourself.

Don’t overthink.  Maybe it is as simple as that.

Dare to dream.

If there’s nobody to love you, love yourself.


Stick up for yourself even against the tide.

Don’t expect anyone to be the solution to all your problems.

Don’t trust anybody 100%.

Don’t give all of yourself, save a little for you.

Keep some things private, just for you.

Don’t give your fragile heart away too easily.

Don’t drop your glasses moment you fall in love.

Invest in a magnifying glass before loving again.

Lick your wounds, hibernate, sulk but don’t take too long.

It could get a lot worse so thank your lucky stars.

Hitting rock bottom is good news because the only way is up.

The smart horse never eats the same grass twice.

Under no circumstances lose your identity to your lover.

Keep a nestegg however small and an essential ‘being dumped’ survival kit.

Sure way for your relationship to fail is to put your love on  a pedastal.

Don’t change the core you for anybody, only adjust minor faults.

If s/he loves you they’ll find time to see you.

Keep your dignity, get the message if s/he doesn’t respond.

Desperation is not a good look.

Taking care of your own needs is not ‘selfish’ but essential.

Don’t love too much.


The needle can’t be sharp both ends.

Don’t trust till the person has proven himself worthy.

Not everybody is your friend.

Don’t give up too easily.

Never get bitter; still good people out there, just have to meet them.

People and not wads of paper money are your richest resource.

Love really does conquer all; more potent than hate.

Communicate with your family while you still can.

Most parents though annoying do have your best interests at heart.

Wisdom is gained through pain.

There are no happy poets.

Nothing is ever totally black and white.  Truth lies somewhere in those murky

grey areas.

Be compassionate, that could be you.

Take the Hippocratic oath:  do no harm.

Widen your circle of care; get rid of your tunnel vision.

Can’t take your money with you so use it now for good.

Putting a smile on a sad person’s face is priceless.

Don’t rush around and miss the main show, your life.

Hold onto your sense of humour, only thing left when you lose everything.

Poem a day challenge#11 Pls pass the salt dear

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