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staying alive

Take a deep breath 
in out in out in out
Keep walking
one foot in front of the other
Put the kettle on
have a cup of tea
Get out of bed
brush your teeth shower
You are not living
just existing but that’s alright
Staying alive
is what it is all about

Happy Days

 (for fighters and survivors wherever you are)
Unexpected sunshine through clear blue skies
Dad pushing swing kid shrieking with delight
Elderly couple holding hands very much in love
Break of dawn stillness silence before the storm
Another stab at freedom happiness
Reprieve from hospital stays climbing the wall
Hairless angels of mercy watching life go by
Happy days again reasons to be cheerful many
Fight another day
Twittering birdsong rumbling traffic chatter
Baby’s cry bike blasting by drop of rain bouncing off my head
Alive did not vanish from operating table 
Nor perish from heartache struck by lightning
at the door of recharged life
The lady is not for turning full steam ahead on the mystery tour
Not doing xmas turn convention on its head
Flush brainwashing down the loo
Declutter people things 
Emptying mind of negative thoughts 
My way to the promise land free happy at peace 
Past self naive alter ego mistakes forgiven forgotten
What awaits the little crocodile clear cloud
As she thunders towards half a century on planet earth
Events defined but not extinguish her flame
No ignorant bliss awarded soulless living dead
Lifting head up to observe as a child
Who passes by why
Love of writing first took root not shy away from the truth
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