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The words left

unsaid the space

between silence

The hand that would

touch dare not love


feelings unexpressed

simmer opinions

dismissed rejected

before leaving the

lips noiseless tears

speak volumes as

does your back

staring resolutely

into cyberspace

what is behind the

screen more important

fascinating than the here

and now me avoid admitting

confronting the writing

on the wall screaming

the corpse is your marriage

rotting mummified soon the

neighbours will complain notify

authorities can’t keep it under

wraps anymore the truth will

out then the final curtain

falls the cast go our different

ways to rehearse a new script

the second half of my life post

wedded bliss the male lead fell

crashing from his pedestal the

female in a heap cradling shattered

shards fragments of her heart

wallowing yes indeed wallowing

in self pity anger woe is me why

me why now why all this shit in

such a short space of time to

little old me excuse me script

writer, director, producer i

demand a different ending a

less tragic one the shit does

hit the fan but they work

through it and still hold

hands on that wooden park

bench at 64


Sometimes life is sad it doesn’t

work out the way you hoped

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