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When I first started blogging here all I wanted was to write and be read.  I didn’t expect to find a community of like minded writers/poets, to make friends and hold a continuing conversation about love, depression and loss.  I didn’t expect to receive support and love and to ‘adopt’ some kids and be Mama G.

Above all I’m surprised that there are so many young bloggers and saddened that many have such struggles.  Surely childhood and youth are the times you should be most carefree and happy before the burdens and responsibilities of adulthood weigh heavy on your shoulders. 

Although the world is over-populated and we are surrounded by people a sense of overwhelming loneliness seems to pervade many posts.  I wonder why we feel so isolated, why it doesn’t seem that anybody cares or sees or hears us, even though we are clearly here, larger than life.  Why are most people so focused on their own narrow lives that they fail to notice anybody else and those in pain and need?  Maybe they do but they rather not or they simply can’t give a damn.

In any event it is great we can write and express our highs and lows, our hopes and disillusionment and for others in the community to hear us and sometimes respond with a supportive comment.  In this day and age of advanced technology, true human communication is limited and dwindling and I believe this impedes a feeling of being connected to others and the world.

Complete Makeover

I swore I would never dye my grey hairs but there is always a first time.  With the help of my ‘personal stylist’, my grown up daughter, I have purchased a ‘Cherry black’ hair dye and have yet to pluck up the courage.  And I also had my first facial the other day which was surprisingly relaxing and addictive.  I checked the mirror and indeed a clearer complexion greeted me and so I have signed up for more sessions, subcuming to the lure of a more youthful and beautiful me.

I have never been a fan of makeup, nail polish etc being a great believer in the natural look.  However as the unforgiving years advance I realise that maybe Nature needs a helping hand.

I had gone to Central, to a rather posh salon to have a good cut.  Normally I would seek out the cheapest but decided this once I was going to splash out.  Since my return to my roots I have also invested in a number of new items of clothing.  With the cherry black hair, clear youthful complexion and shaped eyebrows, I would have had a makeover from head to toe.  And for a change I am doing all this for me.

This metamorphosis would be in keeping with the new start I am pursuing, a revised and improved version, having gone through the baptism of fire.

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