Apologies for long absence. Have been crazy busy suddenly. Atm attending a very intensive 5 day personal development course which starts late evening and may end after midnight or even 1a.m.

So far it has taught me to be disciplined, such as making sure I am punctual and have done my homework. The emphasis is learning to take responsibility for our life and doing the right thing regardless of others. Attempting to see where the other person is coming from and giving them the benefit of the doubt.

About cho wan yau

Teacher by day poet/writer by night. Words have been my first love and will be my last. As a child I locked myself into the toilet devouring books which transported me to distant lands. Poetry shared penned from 2009-2010 in a titanic struggle to stay sane at Heartbreak Hotel. Please check it out on Any comments or feedback welcome. Why not share your story with me, because we all have one, don't we?

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  1. 1am!! dang, that’s quite the hours :O

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