Rescue Mission

An old dear friend has taken it upon himself to launch a ‘Save Mama G’ rescue.  Apart from throwing gems of wisdom my way, he has a friend lined up to do a complete makeover.  This is to get me back on the horse and on track for my shiny new life. Maybe he’s fed up of hearing tales of woe and me crying in public.  Maybe he doesn’t want to be mistaken for a bastard!  Who knows?

The Mission is to get me looking like the Tuition Queens featured in huge posters on buses.  Young, confident, smiley beautiful faces with credentials who could give celebrities a run for their money.  Looks and brains, who can resist?  I’d hate to tell the friend I may be past it, that this is Mission Impossible; but being an eternal optimist she’s going to give it a damn go. 

So next week we are going to shop for on the pulse professional gear.  Looking the part is all important in Hong Kong.  You can be casual but it has to be subtly smart casual.  It is a very shallow society and to succeed you have to play the game.  A haircut is urgent too as are facials.  I told her I am having them already and she looked dubious.  Are they not working?  Have I been conned???  I paid good money.

So the damsel in distress is to be rescued from the tower while the fire breathing dragon is keeping watch.  Will it be successful?  Watch this space.  Bless their little cotton socks.

However I am gutted as she thought I was over 55.  No one but no one has ever told me I look older than my age.  I am surprised she didn’t suggest a face lift, not that I can afford one.  I have even been told I look 10 years younger and no scalpels were hurt in the process.

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I am just going to jump off the nearest skyscraper.  It was nice knowing you.  Mama G. Over and out, for the last time …Please no flowers to the funeral home but donations to the Rescue Mama G. Foundation will be most welcome.


Before You Come


Come on, WordPress… we got 20,000 comments on one post without going viral or being negative… give us some love!!!

People Power I’m all for it!

Pouring My Art Out

People! Join the revolution! Put your name in the history books.


Let’s send a message to WordPress. We are the ones who make this work. Without us, WordPress is a bunch of empty white boxes.

We tried to set the record for the most comments on one post. WordPress claims they don’t know what the record is. But we found posts that went viral and got millions of views and they have way less comments than our crazy post does. And we didn’t do it by writing something obnoxious. We did it with love and fun.

And you can still be a part of it!

Here is the link to the post:

You can still come and add a comment. Just say hi. Or meet some great people and join in our funny games. We write poetry, people have tried seducing themselves to see who could…

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Not even a toad

Valentine’s Day is fast on our heels but I am not holding my breath.  No prince on white horse, no, nay, not even a toad in sight.  Secret admirers, please form an orderly queue and apply within.  Must be tall, dark, handsome and think I am the best thing since sliced bread.  Integrity is an advantage as is a good heart.  Selfish bastards and control freaks need not apply. 

How to Forgive

If only I could …

Rose and her son Joe ….. Update #7!

It Is What It Is


~~February 7, 2014~~

Joe … From his Mom, Rose ….

~~February 7, 2014 at 6:15 am~~

Just wanted to write a quick note to thank everyone for their continued love and support throughout this trying time. We are looking at a possible discharge date again, probably in the next week or so. He will continue his chemo treatments on an outpatient basis.

The other reason for this note is a request …

(Forewarning: sharing specific details of Joe’s present condition).


Joe is starting to feel really burnt out. I see him everyday, and this past week has been the hardest on him physically. He is still dealing with the daily pain of the cancer wreaking havoc, his heart rate is never below 140 (normal range is 60- 100), his blood pressure dips drastically at times, he’s had 4 transfusions in the last two weeks, he continues to retain fluids in…

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The problem with ‘like’

Inspired by a post by dysfunctional literacy.

The problem with ‘like’ on fb, other social media and blogs is people click that button for the most inappropriate and tragic of posts.  My status could read My mum died last night and in the blink of an eye there’ll be likes from friends and friends of friends.  In a sane non-social media dominated world, who would do a thumbs up for someone’s mother’s death?  It is not a good thing unless you hated your mother but she still left you her huge inheritance and cut all your siblings out of the will.  Otherwise no.

Whoever invented this like button should be shot!  Does anyone know where it first reared its ugly head?  Was it fb, which celebrates its 10th anniversary?  Is it really that young?  I can’t remember a pre-fb time or the era of no computers and people resorted to pen and paper and the humble typewriter.  Do you remember those white bits of correction paper you had to put in front of the offending key called tippex?  If you do then you are admitting your age!  Things were oh so simple then, not a hacker in sight nor the computer going down stopping the world turning.

The good old days.  I must be getting old.  The youths of today …


Ugandan Minister Has A Hunt the Gays List


Lokodo Hunts while the West Sleeps | U.S.A. must act immediately to open its doors to LGBT Ugandans seeking refuge.

By Melanie Nathan, February 06, 2014.

If we in the Allied countries had our response to Nazi Germany to do all over again, perhaps the persecution of Jews would not appear on page 6 of the New York Times, buried in oblivion, seemingly unimportant and to be regretted decades later, after we acknowledge the reality and truth of its repercussions.

Now we are faced with gay-hating Ugandans who are to gays what Nazis were to Jews, at the beginning of the hunt, where Jews were first persecuted, and then laws escalated, leading to the rounding up, incarceration and extermination. There were lists and Uganda is emulating the Nazi history.

It is reported that Museveni’s Cabinet Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Simon Lokodo, has developed his own Goebbels like list and…

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Denpa Kyoshi Anti Bullying Quote


Pet hates

Warning: if you are religious and easily offended please do not read.

There are some expressions which I really hate.  Some cos they are stating the obvious like Life goes on or There are always people worse off!  Then there is the Half glass full or half glass empty.

Recently I have added another to the list;  Suffering makes you strong.  Or words to that effect.  Bullshit.  I think religious people made that way up because they couldn’t find an answer to why bad things happen to good people.  So in order to justify its existence and that God is not just a sadistic bastard the purpose of suffering is to ennoble us to make us stronger to make us appreciate the good times.  Without the rain clouds how would we appreciate the sunshine? 

Why is it bullshit?  Because you were already strong before the suffering, otherwise where would you find the inner strength to come through?  Chicken and egg?  It doesn’t make you stronger.  It just gives you an overdose of reality.  Hey kid the world is a harsh unfair place and random, it doesn’t matter how good you are, get used to it! 

Recently I have been trigger lucky with clicking like pages on motivational quotes on fb and maybe this is a reaction to all the sugary pearls of wisdom.  Some are just downright lies.  Ones like as long as you are positive and believe you can do or be whatever you want.  Absolute baloney.  I can safely say I will never be a brain surgeon or Olympic sprinter however much I believe and visualise and utter affirmations.  No amount of post-its on my mirror and around the flat will do the trick.

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